Marriage Counseling

In 2010, Lead Pastor Damian Schoonmaker became a Certified Marriage Facilitator with Prepare-Enrich, a faith-based marriage enrichment ministry with 35 years of success.  Since then, Pastor Damian has completed pre-marital counseling for more than five couples, and marriage counseling for more than a dozen married couples.  With a track record of nine "sure divorces" being prevented, and with significant strengthening of all other marriages, marriage counseling has proven to be one of Pastor Damian's strengths, even though he is not a licensed counselor with any state.
Free marriage counseling​ is available to members of Chequamegon Community Church, based upon Pastor Damian's and the couple's availability.  Couples are expected to meet with Pastor Damian for 60-90 minutes weekly for 6-8 weeks after the initial session.  The online assessment tool must be completed after the first session, at a cost of $35.  If significant progress is not made by 8 weeks, Pastor Damian will refer the couple to a professional Christian counselor; this will not be necessary if both partners are willing to apply what they're learning.
Marriage counseling for couples not attending Chequamegon Community Church costs $500.  The cost for the online assessment tool is included.  These meetings will be conducted on Pastor Damian's own time, not during church office hours.
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