Our vision/mission statement

We are people striving to grow by connecting with God and others, and by impacting our world and each other. We are led by people who are intent on being real, relational, righteous, and relevant. We are a self-governed, yet theocratic, church affiliated with the fellowship known as the Assemblies of God. Our mission is this: Love God, Love Others, Grow & Serve, and Tell the World. Click on one of the pages to find out more about us!​

Meet our Staff

Pastor David & Denise Whitaker

Pastor David is Lead Pastor of C3 Church and enjoys serving in ministry with his wife, Denise.  David's undergrad work was accomplished at Cedarville University, with an emphasis in pastoral ministry


He received his Masters,  Doctor of Theology, and Ph.D.  from Christian Bible College, as well as a Masters in Counseling from Liberty University and Christian Bible College.  He has a passion for preaching, caring for those who hurt and growing the body.


Denise has many years experience in Pregnancy Center Counseling, and is passionate about ministry. She leads the Women's Ministry at C3

Denise has a servant's heart and uses her many spiritual gifts and training to make a difference in the lives of others.



Marty & Gabby Vanbergen

Youth Directors

Marilyn Carlson 
Children's Ministry.

Tera Miller (left) C3 Children's staff & Noelle Otto, Head of Nursery Ministries (right)

Heather Fleig
Children's Ministry.

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First Impressions


First impressions are critical to any church. The condition of the parking lot, the cleanliness of the entryway, the aroma of the foyer, and whether or not you’re greeted with a smile all speak to you and make you want to be there or not. We’re looking for people to help with these things, as well as door greeters. If you’ve been attending C3 for a while and are ready to make a positive First Impression



We love babies!  Nursery is open to infants and toddlers up to the 3rd birthday on Sunday mornings at 9:45. Caregivers have completed background checks and undergo occasional training. Nursing mothers are welcome to use our private nursing area in the nursery, which has recently been moved and renovated our growing number of babies and pregnant mommies.

Worship Team


Every Sunday morning we take time to worship our great God in music and singing. This is a large part of our Sunday service. You’ll find our style to be considered "contemporary" as we worship with a worship band. At C3 we’ve been blessed with talented musicians on electric and acoustic guitars, drums, keyboard, bass, and more, as well as very good vocalists that lead us in worship to God. We hope you’ll enjoy celebrating God and His work in our lives!

Missions–Local, Statewide, & Foreign


Jesus made it clear in Matthew 28:19-20 and Acts 1:8 that one of His chief desires for the church was to spread the good news of the cross, the empty tomb, and the power of the Holy Spirit for daily living and spreading His word to the world. Missions are a huge part of that. As a church, C3 makes an annual pledge to support missions through the giving of those that attend.

C3  Women's


C3 Women's Ministries


Momentum Women’s purpose is to walk in freedom, build each other up, and advance God’s Kingdom. C3 Women's Ministry meets at various times of the year and is open to all adult and teen ladies. It’s a place where women feel safe to share, recharge their batteries, and grow in faith and community.



We believe that passionate prayer must be a vital part of any church, and we’ve made that statement public here at C3. We believe that a major part of our corporate emphasis should be on prayer. Prayer moves mountains in our lives and in the life of the church as well as it brings vision of God's plan for our lives personally and corporately.

We have two prayer emphasis times:

1- All Church Prayer Sunday a.m.

2- Once a Month Prayer Emphasis night and week.

C3 Men's


C3 Kid's


C3 Men's Ministry


It is God's desire for men to be the leaders God has called them to be. To be the men that they long to be deep inside. Leaders by example, servants at heart, and commanders in God’s army of men; men that He’s breathing life into all over the world. C3 Men meets at various times of the year for special events. Join us if you’re ready to take who you are to the next level!

C3 Kid's Ministry

 Our Kid's Ministry is our version of  Children's Church.  Children learn how to serve just like the adults in participating in worship and lessons at their level.  Teachers utilize visuals and videos to teach and keep the children interested.  Our teachers are trained and able to teach lessons that are relevant and spiritually educating.

Children's ministry is a large focus of C3!

Volunteer Staff/

Team Leaders

Our Team Leaders meet regularly to discuss the implemenation of ministries of the church/planning. Team Leaders are appointed by the pastor.

Pastor & Board Leadership

Pastor & Board meet monthly to discuss both the business & ministries of the church.  Members of the Board must meet requirements for board membership, and are chosen by lot.

Small Title




Service Time:

Sunday Morning Service 1oam



We will be honoring our summer schedule and will not have Wednesday meetings and classes until mid-August 

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